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CHILDHOOD. ADOLESCENT. OLD AGE. Introduction to developmental neuropsychology.

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 🆕ℹ️👨‍🎓 We invite you to take part in an online seminar with neuropsychologist Marina Kalantarova (Moscow) about mental development in different age periods.

Neuropsychology is becoming more and more popular. Finding good neuropsychologists is now quite difficult.

A neuropsychologist will help assess whether mental development is proceeding correctly, for example, in childhood, can determine if there are functional disorders in the brain, etc.

Neuropsychology is a branch of psychological science that studies the brain mechanisms of mental processes based on local brain lesions. The first neuropsychological research was carried out back in the 1920s by L. S. Vygotsky, but the main merit in the creation of neuropsychology as an independent branch of psychological knowledge belongs to A. R. Luria.

The mini course will present a neuropsychological  🧠 approach to the problems of mental development at different ages



🗓️ Date: 5,12, October 19 
time 19.00 (Bishkek time)

format: online (link available after registration)




Marina Kalantarova – neuropsychologist, clinical psychologist. Senior Lecturer, Department of Neuro and Pathopsychology of Development, Faculty of Special and Clinical Psychology, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

Cost:  2500 som 
Course duration: 6 ac.h.

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Places in the group are limited. Registration required.

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