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group therapy
Topic: Codependent Relationships
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The term "codependency" or "codependent relationship" -   is usually used in the psychology of addictive (dependent) behavior and characterizes a relationship with a person who has some kind of addiction.

This group is a short-term group therapy format for codependency. 

The focus of our work will be  education on   dependency and codependency issues, issues of responsibility, boundaries, ways of responding to feelings, issues of communication and others._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136d5


Not only those who have a family or close relationship with a person diagnosed with addiction can take part in the group, but also all those who are interested in or who care about issues of co-dependent relationships in a broader sense  words.  

What will you get from being part of a therapy group?
Understanding the phenomenon of addiction and codependency. 
The ability to speak openly about your problem if there is a person in your environment who has a diagnosis of "addictive behavior"
You will learn which communication with an addict will be useful for his recovery, and which can harm.
You can ask any questions and get competent answers to them.
You will learn about different ways to interact with others 
Get support 



candidate of psychological sciences, practicing psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in the psychology of addictions, virtual reality, health psychology, associate professor of the psychology department of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University - Angelina Demilkhanova



The number of places is limited (there is a selection procedure for the group!). Register early!

Event dates:

6 meetings for 2 hours

June 22 (Tuesday) 19.00 -21.00,  June 24 (Thursday) 19.00 -21.00 

29 (Tuesday) 19.00 -21.00, July 1 (Thursday) 19.00 -21.00,

July 6 (Tuesday) 19.00 -21.00, July 8 (Thursday) -19.00 -21.00 

Cost: 6000 som

Mandatory pre-registration  (please indicate the name of this event in the "name" column). If you are on our site for the first time after registration, please check your SPAM folder.

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