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Professional Platform for specialists in the field of psychology and  human sciences. 

The project was created in 2014 by professionals in psychology.


Our programs are interdisciplinary and lies within intersections of  psychology, philosophy, political science, sociology and etc. 

We are creating supporting and caring place where every participant can delve into the atmosphere of human relationship.


We co-operate only with professionals. 

The founders of Pro Platform


Renata Mambetova

Counsellor, existential therapist. 


Angelina Demilkhanova

PhD in social psychology,



Anastasia  Slastnikova

Mаster in organisational psychology,


//  Our mission

We support professional growth and development of any specialist in helping professions. We also provide the possibility of professional growth for specialists in social science with intention to develop theoretical and practical part of modern science.

//  Directions

Research activity:

Alternative history

Psychology of virtual reality


Social conflicts

The influence of mass media on public consciousness 

Extreme psychology

Health psychology

Sport psychology

Educational activity: 

Lectures (psychoanalysis, existential psychology and therapy,  family psychology, clinical psychology, psychiatry, critical thinking)

Psychotherapeutic programs (ART-therapy, psychodrama, body-oriented therapy, Transactional analysis, Psychological private practice developing program)


Trainings (communication and interaction, emotional intellect, family relationship, child psychology etc.)

Conferences, discussions, round tables etc.

Counselling and psychotherapy


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