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Child psychoanalytic therapy. Part 2: 

  Psychoanalytic approach to child development.

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We have amazing news for you:

We invite you to continue the program  on child psychotherapy from analytical psychologists Elena Kosheleva (Moscow) and Lilia Karamutdinova (Moscow)

This course is a continuation of the course on child psychotherapy.  Participants who listened to the first part can take part in the program. 

As a result, participants will receive a Pro Platform copyright certificate

The purpose of the seminar : acquaintance with the process of development of the child's psyche from the point of view of psychoanalysis and the experience of analyzing client cases through the prism of modern psychoanalytic theories.
Duration of training: 36 hours

Contents :
Topic 1. Infancy. Development of the inner world. The concepts of paranoid-schizoid and depressive positions. The value of the processes of containerization and holding. Influence of the mother's infantile experience on the development of relations with the infant.
Topic 2. Weaning and separation. The emergence of primitive defense mechanisms. The development of thought processes in infants. 
Topic 3. Oedipus complex. Development of ideas about the oedipal complex (Z. Freud, M. Klein, R. Britton). The influence of the family environment on the development of the child: the role of the father and siblings.
Topic 4. Latent period: major changes in personality structure. Two types of learning (W. Bion): "learning about things" and "learning through the experience of experience." The impact of learning on personality development.
Topic 5. Adolescence. Processes of projection-introjection in adolescence. Identity development and gender issues in adolescents. Teenage groups and difficulties in relationships with parents.

You can:

- apply in practice psychoanalytic concepts of the development of the psyche and analytical methods of working with children and adolescents;

- gain experience in psychoanalytic supervision of their own psychological work with children and adolescents.


Elena Kosheleva (Moscow). 
Graduated from the Faculty of Psychology of Moscow State University.
M. V. Lomonosov in 2000,
specialization "Psychological counseling";
Analytical Psychologist, 
 2000 worked as a psychology teacher;
Since 2005 - a teacher-psychologist at school;
From 2010 to 2016 – a medical psychologist in the Department of Social and Psychological Assistance to Children and Adolescents of the Narcotics Dispensary;
Since 2017 he has been in private practice.
Lilia Karamutdinova  (Moscow). Coach, counseling psychologist (Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, program “Theory and Technology of Practical Psychology”) Analytical psychologist, sand therapist (Moscow Association of Analytical Psychology, program “Jungian Psychotherapy”, “Theory and Practice of Child Psychoanalysis”, “ Sand-play therapy", "Therapy of psychosomatic conditions") Lecturer at the Institute of Practical Psychology of the Personality Genesis, Institute of the Higher School of Psychology

When:  due to the pandemic situation, dates are currently being confirmed


Cost: 7800 soms

Upon completion, the author's certificate  Pro Platform

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