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      In Bishkek on June 10-12, 2016
      авторский тренинг Александра Гиршона. 


Karina Gendelman, psychologist

This training is a breath of fresh air. Interesting and unusual. After completing the training of integral dance, you understand that you have a large number of resources that you are still afraid to discover in yourself, or did not know about their existence. Now I advise all my friends and acquaintances to participate in such a training at least once in their life in order to get out of their comfort zone, get to know themselves from the other side, get rid of shyness, or just get new impressions and gain invaluable experience!

Olga Shchetinina, director

It is still difficult to express in words what was revealed inside... A three-day continuous dialogue with oneself, with the extraordinary participants of the training, with one's body, through which the understanding of one's enormous potential, human and creative resource suddenly opens up. Many thanks to Alexander, for the silence, softness, calmness and a sense of security with which all contacts and immersions took place. I would like to note that the best work with yourself is work with your body! "


Valeria Aslapovskaya, psychotherapist 

Thanks to the organizers of the training for inviting a specialist of such magnitude to visit us in Bishkek. Honestly, for a long time I wanted to try the technique of A. Girshon. I really liked the consistent and deep work with the body, I felt deeply "revived" sensations. From a therapeutic point of view, she made several important discoveries about herself. Very resourceful. Ultimately, all the work went to gaining integrity, which in an organic way, through movements, absorbed even contradictions. And it's so great! Thank you, Alexander.

Alina Seitbekova, journalist 

Before I had no chance to work with body-oriented therapy, especially since the direction of integral dance has become new for me. However, it not only broadened my horizons, but had a significant therapeutic effect. The very mild psychological impact offered by Integral Therapy in general and Integral Dance in particular is the most suitable for most of those who are looking for personal development and longing for changes in their lives, but are not ready for radical methods. It was a little unusual to work with my own body, in the sense that the psychotherapeutic activity familiar to me, as a rule, involves words, symbols and images rather than movements. But I think this - among other things - has become another key to quality work, because only by following new paths can we look deep into ourselves with a clear look.

Svetlana Nagornova, psychologist
I have long been interested in the work of Alexander, always unexpectedly, deeply, excitingly. Therefore, I dreamed of getting to his training in Bishkek. And oh it happened, I got it!!!! There were doubts, fears, whether I could physically endure three days of dancing, and whether movement therapy is for me, and how comfortable it is to allow strangers to touch me.
The result exceeded all expectations and dispelled fears. All three days passed in one breath, I didn’t feel tired, on the contrary, an increase in energy, as a second wind opened up. People previously unfamiliar became family. What is training for me? About yourself, about your integrity, about feelings, about your esteemed body, about the belief that the body is wiser than the head. And about the unity of my entire system, my self and not me, my feelings and thoughts. How surprised I was that very complex topics can be felt, accepted and realized so simply. Thank you for the unique experience of everyone who was with me at the time of the great discoveries of their universe, Alexander Girshon, an amazing professional and interesting person, the organizers of the training, Pro platform, and all the participants of the training for our journey, because without you it would be a completely different story.

Nargiza Sydykova, IPR, VAP Project Officer

   The experience was insanely energetically releasing as well as energizing. At the end of the training, I felt freer, more alive. My feelings were constantly changing, and the trainer's instructions helped to improve my body awareness and this allowed me to feel and experience fear, embarrassment, embarrassment, joy, sadness, interest, surprise very intensely. I want to be like this more, it's such a living feeling of myself.

Lyubov Nochkina, psychologist 

My summer began with attending Alexander Girshon's author's training “Integral Dance: Wholeness in Movement”. Three days spent at the training are associated with unforgettable emotions, warm atmosphere, new and incredibly invaluable experience! It was a very cool and resourceful training! Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity to participate in the training, and to Alexander for new knowledge and for the opportunity to live dancing for three days of my summer)))


from training participants: 

Integral dance: wholeness in motion.

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