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Magazine Club Pro Platform

Journal club Pro Platform. Discussion of scientific articles in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and philosophy published in modern scientific journals.

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The ideas that we will find and discuss in our journal club can help expand, deepen and balance every scientist's understanding of what is happening in the world of modern scientific research, we can also learn  about planning new experiments research directions. 

Anyone can find and submit an article. 

What is the purpose of the magazine club?

A journal club is a regular meeting of scientists to discuss a scientific article published in a scientific journal. One or two members of the club present a summary of the chosen article, which has been read by the whole group. Then the discussion begins. Participants ask clarifying questions, inquire about various aspects of the experimental design, critique methods, and inject a healthy dose of skepticism (or praise) into the results.

How to prepare? 

1. Know the source material
Prepare well in advance for your journal club presentation by researching  the research that preceded and is related to the work you will be presenting. This will make your discussion more informed and productive. Of course, it is most likely impossible to know everything related to the topic, but even a small amount of background information will be useful.

2. Keep your presentation short.
Each article contains many details about methods, results, discussion, future directions, etc. It is very helpful to familiarize the audience with the general flow of all the work and research before adding all the details.

3. Simplify unfamiliar concepts.
We often have members with different backgrounds. Consequently, not all concepts will be familiar to all members of the group. It may be helpful to give a brief summary of the methods and results. Detailed explanations can be given later, as the main focus of the article submission should be on the review of the study.

4. Ask yourself questions about the article before the presentation.
As a speaker, you may be semi-"expert" at your job, but as you get to know the research, you may have questions about the methods. Share with the group the questions you have yourself and the answers you might have found to solve them.

5. Ask specific questions to members of the magazine club.
When it's time for discussion, ask the group to express their thoughts on specific topics contained in the article to create a starting point for talking about the article. Questions can be about methods, results, general ideas, and more!

Club leaders:

Angelina Demilkhanova, PhD in Psychology, specialist in computer games research, virtual reality,  addictive behavior, sports psychology. Practicing psychologist and psychotherapist.

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Club leaders:

Evgeniy Shvedovsky, Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist  Autism Specialist, Schizophrenia Research,  Practicing Clinical Psychologist_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_


ON-LINE format.Link will be available after registration.
Cost - free

Upcoming magazine club dates:
April 30, 15.00 (time is indicated in Bishkek).
In honor of the birthday of Eugen Bleuler (April 30, 1857), a Swiss psychiatrist who  introduced the term "schizophrenia»- We will discuss an article on schizophrenia


It is necessary  to register for the event,  in the column "Name", please indicate the name of this event.
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