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"Working with a request as self-care: requests feasible and impossible"

"We have an amazing profession, in which our well-being is directly related to the productivity of the therapeutic process. What is therapeutic well-being? What should the therapist invest in?"

Tatyana Ivanova

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We invite you to an interactive online seminar by existential therapist and supervisor Tatyana Ivanova (Ivanovo, St. Petersburg) "Working with a request as self-care: doable and impossible requests"! 
Caring is what shapes the future. Through caring, we invest in the development of our professional identity. 
At the online seminar we
  • let's analyze the forms  self-care
  • let's talk about possible ways to care 
  • consider the essence, the strategy of the therapist's care  about himself from the perspective of the practice of caring for the client 
It is important to remember that care cannot begin and end, cannot exhaust its purpose. It is an ongoing process for the therapist to learn, have personal therapy, supervise or intervene.

The therapist's self-care is not only preparation. It is essential in every therapy session with a client. We are attentive to what prevents us from being with the client more fully, fully. From these experiences, questions-tasks for supervision arise. The fact that I naturally, naturally live next to the client is evidence for me of how much I took care of myself as a professional.

We hope that after the seminar you will be inspired to take care of yourself more often and with pleasure.

When:  January 15,16. 
Time: 14.00-17.00

Online format 
If paid before January 5
Cost:  7500 som 

After January 5 -  8700 som

full-time students 10% discount

Pre-registration is required. In the column "program" please indicate the name of this program

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