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Participation in the seminar will help us start a conversation on one of the three difficult topics - after sex and death - the topic of money.

It will teach you to see impenetrable gaps in relations with such a powerful element, will allow you to comprehend its specific properties; discover your own unique ways of earning and spending money

This block is included in the PRO PLATFORM Private Practice Development Program. You can take part in this block separately.


Money   is an important psychotherapeutic tool in working with a client. Both the therapist and the client can have strong feelings and, in some cases, serious difficulties when dealing with money matters.

How much is my work worth? Should I raise/lower the price of therapy? Are missed sessions paid? How does the client pay? How does a therapist get paid? These and similar questions arise very often in psychotherapeutic practice. 
From the point of view of the analytical approach, money can be considered as one of the manifestations of our mental energy, and therefore all these issues are of great importance and value not only in the process of therapy, but also in everyday life. 

At the online seminar we will cover the topics:  

  • Soul of money. The emergence, evolution and transformation of money. Meaning and symbolic content of money. The paradoxical nature of money. Yin money and Yang money.

  • Archetypal and psychoanalytic approaches to the topic of money. "The Case of the Lost Archetype". Money through the prism of stages of development. Oral, anal and phallic money.

  • Money in the therapeutic process from the point of view of the therapist and the client; opportunities and limitations. Transference and countertransference. The dynamics of money problems and its reflection in the dreams of clients. 



Each online seminar will consist of a short lecture and practical exercises. The duration of 1 online seminar is 3 hours (120 minutes).

For whom: the seminar is aimed at practicing psychologists. It may also be useful to specialists who are interested in  basic ideas of analytical psychology. 

Host: Svetlana Rudnitskaya. Analytical psychologist, lecturer
psychology, sandplay therapist,
managing editor of the journal
"Jungian Analysis".



🗓️ Dates December 10 and 17
time 19.00  (Bishkek time)

format: on-line, with the possibility of presence in the office Pro Platform

Cost: if paid before December 5  - 7000 som

after December 5 - 8500 som

Full-time students discount: 20%


 Pre-registration required by link 

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