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Transactional Analysis Laboratory

Together with   Olga Korzhova (Olga Korzhova)  opened  Transaction Analysis Laboratory! And since 2016, we have been choosing different topics that we have been studying, experimenting on, analyzing, researching,  we are diving, etc. And we are doing it creatively and rich

The idea of the laboratory arose as a continuation of the opportunity to continue the story that began Alevtina Fedorovna Zhelonkina - a teacher, the best psychiatrist, psychotherapist and person in the world! Who first started using Transactional Analysis in Kyrgyzstan in the late 80s of the 20th century. 

In addition_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_we respect and believe in transactional analysis very much! !
Ну и конечно же  работать с профессионалом  Ольга Коржова (Olga Korzhova)  - огромное удовольствие!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


The tradition of transactional analysis in Kyrgyzstan began in the late 80s, when many schools of modern psychotherapy were still banned. 

Тогда на базе психологической лаборатории в Кыргызском Государственном Медицинском Институте г. Фрунзе (Киргизская ССР)  Алевтина Федоровна Желонкина одна из первых  начала использовать непринятые in the domestic tradition, psychotherapeutic approaches, among which was transactional analysis.


The main goal of transactional analysis is to be able to learn 

  • Take responsibility for your decisions, actions and feelings

  • Choose an effective way of behavior in different life situations

  • Distinguish deep relationships from games and become aware of your script

  • Plan your life path


Registration (in the column "Program" please be sure to indicate the name of the program)

Ведущая лаборатории -  профессионал  Ольга Коржова (Olga Korzhova),_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ a practicing psychologist who has been working in the professional field for 14 years. Education in the field of transactional analysis for more than 300 hours, completed 101 and 202 TA courses. Olga is a certified body-oriented psychotherapist, NLP practitioner, NLP master. Member of the European and St.


Thank you! You have successfully registered for the program.

Both Psychologists and Non-Psychologists can become participants of the laboratory! Everyone, welcome! 

We invite you to explore the space of yourself, the scenario of your life and what you can do to be the author of your life.

Topics covered in our lab

Relationship Script 


Master class "How to improve your relationship over time

Autumn preparations in the TA laboratory

Transactional Analysis Lab 2.0

Territory of emotions and feelings

ABC of relationships

Therapeutic Marathon in the Lab 

Transactional Analysis Lab Reviews


Nursultan Kadyraliev

The transactional analysis laboratory gave me knowledge and practice, allowed me to look at some things in a new way, evaluate them from different angles. With the help of exercises and interaction, I learned something about myself, once again convinced myself of those things that I already knew about myself, but also found such resources and strengths that I could not even imagine. Classes are very informative and allow both to improve their professional knowledge and skills, and to work out their personal issues.


In Olga’s Transactional Analysis class, I liked the practical part, where you can not only understand or observe, but work through, for example, I still remember about anger 🙂, I try to apply those stages that Olya spoke about, which help to live constructively this emotion


Gulzat Sarlykova

Olga is always interesting and informative. The atmosphere in the TA Lab is always friendly. Meetings with Olga for me personally are connected with insights. After them, the answers to your questions come by themselves. I especially remember the theme "We say goodbye to each other." It was very informative to learn about the mechanism of parting, and most importantly, what resource we can draw for ourselves from a completed relationship.


Nurgul Seitkazieva

Olga Korzhova’s training on the stages of relationships was so useful that I think that our relationships, and I mean not only between men and women, but in general ALL relationships, would become so valuable and tasty, conscious and rich that it would remain so there is little bitterness and sediment, and even after parting, people would learn to be sincerely grateful to each other for enrichment, even if on this short path together ... And how much now, after the knowledge and awareness gained, relationships will be saved, transformed into a positive experience, harmony and love... Thank you Olga for the ability to so subtly and "intelligently", with respect to open the door to the inexhaustible world of relationships and for the invitation to the universe of knowledge and awareness.

Aida Kurenkeyeva

Maria Vysotskaya

TA laboratory with Olga Korzhova about feelings, about how we can recognize them. Moreover, do we know how to use them?! Apply at the right time, and not lament, "well, what am I."
For myself, I made many discoveries, there were even elements of study in the process of getting acquainted with techniques and moderate theory. Olya's openness, her honesty towards the participants and herself, her competence, are conducive to new meetings.
Thank you for your courage, dedication and professionalism.

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