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Since May 2014, such walks have been held in Moscow.
St. Petersburg and Kyiv, Izhevsk and Kharkov, Ufa and Vilnius, Almaty and Yekaterinburg, Tel Aviv and Novosibirsk have joined"

And since 2016, DANCE WALKING has been held in Bishkek

The idea itself is as simple as possible - the participants walk and dance, just walk and just dance as best they can, without any requirements for the level of training and dance direction. In headphones, under one playlist in different places. People gather, make playlists from applications, discuss different options for walks, synchronize in time with different cities ... In general, they make a dance festival out of a simple walk around the city and enjoy it. 
Here is what the participants of walks in London write about themselves. 
"We believe that the dance walk will benefit those who: 
- looking for a way to overcome their fears and limitations; 
- would like to feel more comfortable in public; 
- looking for ways to have more zest for life 
- likes to dance; 
- loves meeting new people; 
- likes to explore London; 
- likes to share his joy.  
And these statements apply to all cities where they dance in the streets. 

Come, try, walk, dance! Each of us makes the dance walk special and unique. 
And of course it's absolutely FREE :)

Anyone can join and it's completely free!

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