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Interdisciplinary Central Asian
Platform of Professionals

we set the fashion  in psychology.

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April 30, 2023 



Everyone who strives to develop strong psychological qualities, improve family relationships, relationships with children, relationships with themselves will get the opportunity to develop, learn how to use new knowledge in life situations.


Everyone who wants to develop strong psychological features and qualities, improve family relationships, relationships with children, relationship with oneself will have the opportunity to know and learn how to use these psychological knowledge in their real life situations.

Professionals who care about their professional development in the field of psychology and the humanities will receive professional growth and new experience with international colleagues.

Young professionals who are in  their search of professional way and how to be professional psychologist or any other other humanitarian professions will receive professional support from  experienced colleagues and get new ideas for developing their own practice.


Nurlan, 34

The teachers are super! Everyone has it's own style and vied, but the program was made in such balance and harmony ...

Victor, 42

Pro Platform! Thanks a  lot  for your mutual work and sensitive guiding. All of these  gave me resource for transformation im  мy head and in my body! Thank you my beloved team!

Darika, 27

Guys - it is cool place, because many approaches and no one pushes  you with strange rules, but help you to develop your own style ...

Tatiana, 35

...attended festival of ART THERAPY yesterday, the event organized on the highest level!!!!!! workshops were the best. Thank you a lot for such huge work you've done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nurjan, 44

Became revived and discovered huge potential in myself. A new and lively air. I want to breath deeply and to love this world. I want some changes...

Elena, 31

Thanks for the new knowledge, procedures and methods that you've been using in your work...

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