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Art Therapy Workshop

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Art Therapy Workshop is a project that was implemented by PRO PLATFORM in 2017 and continues to operate at the present time.
The masters of the Workshop are graduates of the certification program in art therapy of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences (Kazakhstan), and psychologists - professionals in their field, working in Bishkek.

👩‍🎨 Every day in the reflection of the mirror we see our it is outside. But we never think about what is happening to him inside until it starts to give pain signals. 

Summer is a great time to touch the sensations of your body. 

Art therapy 😍❤️ "Body image inside and out" will allow you to dive inside yourself, you will try:

  • Analyze your inner state

  • Feel and transform discomfort in parts of your body

  • Deepen love and care for your body.

❗️Come and try to immerse yourself in the process of art therapy with the Pro Platform

❤️ waiting for you

# art therapy #art practice

* Coffee in  🎁

Anastasia Sadovskaya, a practicing psychologist, specialist in early development, uses the methods of art therapy, dance and movement therapy in her work, she graduated from a music school with a degree in choreography.
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What is Art Therapy
Event Date: 
July 7 (Thursday) 19.00
Participation fee: 1500 soms
The price includes: the work of a professional therapist, a psychologist, as well as art materials + coffee as a gift
Pre-registration required 
please indicate the name of the event in the "Program" column
If you are visiting us for the first time, please check the emails from us in the "Spam" folder after registration.

Message sent, thanks!

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